Electrical Contractors and Journeyman Electricians working within the Province of Saskatchewan

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The following information provides a general overview of some of the legal requirements for contractors and journeyman working on electrical installations in Saskatchewan

  • Various sections of the Acts and Regulations will be referenced throughout this presentation. For more information, click on the quick links which follow or visit Queens’ Printer – Government of Saskatchewan website to view or download these or any other Government of Saskatchewan Regulations

NOTE - This is not meant to be a replacement to the current Acts and Regulations.This is a brief summary only.

Every License holder is responsible to be aware of the Acts and Regulations as they pertain to them.

Course Contents

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Course Curriculum

Electrical Contractor Licenses
Contractor's License - Un-Restricted
Limited Contractor's License
Restricted Contractor's License
Contractor's Responsibilities
Permits and Inspection Fees
Quick Links to Acts and Regulations